Toffees Method – Set Theory (CAT 2018)

Toffees Method – in Minima Maxima questions of Set Theory The most logical way of solving Minima Maxima questions of Set Theory. A very essential process which every CAT (and other related exams) aspirant MUST know to, not only save time but more importantly get the answers of these questions ACCURATELY with LEAST EFFORT (no…
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Principles of Counting (PnC) – The 4 Key Differences – CAT 2018

There are 4 Key Differences which one should be aware to solve any Combinatorics problem – be it Permutations and Combinations or Probability. Don’t just know the differences, understand to the core and then apply those understanding in each and every question that comes your way. In the following video, Mr. Soumya Chakraborty (QA 100…
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August 27, 2018 0

Averages (all you need to know for CAT 2018)

The basics of Averages are simpler than you can believe. People try to mug up unnecessary formulas and lot of concepts, whereas you can solve almost all questions of averages with this basic understanding in 15 to 20 seconds each. This video is an example of one of us explaining the basics to our CAT…
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That time of the year – Exam Notifications Out

CAT – 2018 (Official Website for registration – Click Here) Test Mode- Online Important Dates   PAPER PATTERN   OTHER INFORMATION Registration Fees: Rs. 1900 (General), Rs. 950 (SC/ST/PwD) Eligibility Criteria: Click here to read from the Official Website Test Centre Selection: You can select 4 cities in preference order Registration Details: Click here to…
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Top MBA Colleges (B Schools) in India

India is home to more than 5500 B-schools offering the coveted Masters of Business Administration program. A significant number of those B-schools boast of offering great quality management education and great placements. The majority of these boastful claims are just limited to being boastful claims having no value to it. However there are a few…
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April 26, 2018 0

Why CAT and Why Not

Mind you, CAT is an arduous journey, a path characterized by hard work, determination and regularity. Frankly speaking, it’s time we ignored the “luck” factor. Because hard work has no substitute and luck can only get you so far. People are brimming with statistics endorsing good luck and how it has overshadowed the hard work played…
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Some good questions on Numbers

1) If the product of four consecutive natural number increased by a natural number p, is a perfect square, then find the value of p? Solution:  I always like to take values/variables which simplifies calculations. So let us take the numbers as (a – 1.5), (a – 0.5), (a + 0.5), (a + 1.5) (Don’t think…
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MBA CET tentative dates are out

Click here for details – CET 2018 Dates Source : Maharashtra Time

January 2, 2018 0

MH-CET 2018 Notification

MAH-MBA/MMS-CET is the State Level entrance test for admission to MBA/MMS programs affiliated to Maharashtra State Universities. The test is conducted by Directorate for Technical Education,Maharashtra. This is followed by a Common Admission Process (CAP). Hence, the CET is a gateway to  top colleges like JBIMS, SIMSREE, K.J.Somaiya & many other colleges in Maharashtra. Important dates…
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MBA/MMS admission circular

Click here to find more: MBA/MMS admissions for A.Y. 2018-19

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