CAT 2021 Comprehensive Program

About the Program

For CAT 2021 preparation, we at MathOratory provide you a completely Structured and Comprehensive course. Some key features in the course:

  • 800+ lessons with more than 200 hours of training
  • LIVE Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Workshops – practice sessions with time limit and analysis
  • 100+ Tests covering CAT, XAT, IIFT, NMAT, SNAP
  • GD | PI | WAT preparation also included

Additionally, you get:

  • Roadmap structure for the lessons with weekly targets
  • One-One Progress Review and Mentoring
  • One-One Mock Analysis sessions
  • 24×7 Doubt Clearing feature in the course

You can avail a TRIAL to the full course. We start our training with a Preparatory Module which contains basics of each area under the training. You will get the entire Preparatory Module for FREE.

Just click on the button below, create an account and Enroll for FREE to avail the TRIAL.

Timeline for online CAT Course by MathOratory

Details about the Timeline of the Course:

  • We start off your preparation with the Preparatory Module for each section – QA | LRDI | VARC. In the Preparatory Module, you will learn the basic ideas of each module to be covered for each of the sections. It is very important for aspirants to carefully go through the Preparatory Module, which will help you in the topic wise preparation going forward. Moreover, we have kept the Preparatory Module of each section in FULL TRIAL. You can Enroll For Free to avail the entire Preparatory Module.
  • After the Preparatory Module completes, you should then start off with the topic-wise lessons (divided with weekly targets). It is VERY STRONGLY recommended that you follow the sequence in which the lessons are set up. The Video Lessons will explain you basic ideas of a specific topic and then the Practice Lessons will train you to apply those basics into actual questions.
  • Throughout the course preparation, you will have easy access to clear your doubts. For each lesson, there will be an Option of Discussion and asking a question related to that lesson. As soon as you ask the question, the instructor will be notified and your doubt will be taken into account. Additionally, we will have On-Demand LIVE Doubt clearing sessions every Saturday from 8 PM. If you have any doubts which need further clarity, you can book a session from the relevant course included in the bundle.
  • Progress Monitoring and Target Setting: From the start of the course, you can book Progress Review sessions from One-One Counselling Sessions (added in the bundle). In these sessions, we will sit with you and analyze your course completion till this point and how to prepare going forward. After the session, you will be personally mailed an excel sheet having current progress and target for the next month compiled by the mentor during the session.
  • The Sectional Tests will launch on Feb 28, 2021. We provide a total of 60 sectional tests, which are divided into two batches. The first batch will have 10 tests for QA, 10 tests for LRDI and 10 tests for VARC. Each of these tests in Batch 1 will be module specific tests (i.e. some for Arithmetic, some for Algebra, some for Arrangements in LR, etc). The second batch will also have 10 tests each for QA, LRDI, VARC. Furthermore, you can take each test 5 times, so if you time them correctly, you have a total of 300 test takes (60 tests, each 5 times).
  • We start off our Workshops Relatively early (from the month of April). In these Workshop sessions you will be tested further (topic-wise) followed by LIVE analysis and discussion on the workshop. All students will be welcome to join the Analysis LIVE and in case they miss them, will have the option to view the recording later.
  • All our Mocks are prepared by toppers of these aptitude tests. You will get a total of 25 Mocks for CAT and 25 Mocks for Other Management Entrance Tests (NMAT, SNAP, IIFT, XAT). The Mocks for CAT (known as MOCX CAT) will launch for various window periods (mentioned along with the mocks in the portal). If someone misses to take a certain mock in the window period, they can take it during relaunch of the mocks (also mentioned in the portal). The mocks for other management tests will launch in batches (the launch dates are also specified in the portal).
  • Students will also get One-One Mock Analysis sessions after every 5 MOCX CATs. These sessions can be booked from One-One Counselling Sessions (added in the bundle). In the session, we will have a detailed analysis of the student’s performance in the previous mocks, work on their strategy and fine-tune it as per requirement.
  • Our GD, PI, WAT program starts with B-School Counseling Sessions. We follow a mentorship program for the GD-PI preparation. The mentors will be from various elite B-Schools (either current students or recently graduated ones). Students will be allocated to different mentors at the beginning of the program. These mentors will closely guide the aspirants during the entire program. There will be additional sessions on GD, WAT, PI  and also on important topics. Students will also get Mock Interview sessions and guidance in WAT & GD skills.