Principles of Counting (PnC) – The 4 Key Differences – CAT 2018

Principles of Counting (PnC) – The 4 Key Differences – CAT 2018

August 27, 2018 Uncategorized 0

There are 4 Key Differences which one should be aware to solve any Combinatorics problem – be it Permutations and Combinations or Probability.

Don’t just know the differences, understand to the core and then apply those understanding in each and every question that comes your way. In the following video, Mr. Soumya Chakraborty (QA 100 percentile and 100 percentage in CAT 2017) explains the 4 key differences that one should be aware of when solving any PnC question.

The explanation has been done in our LIVE class to CAT 2018 students (in a webinar session)

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Good luck to all aspirants for CAT 2018

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