'Shot with MathOratory'


Part of our CAT & OMETs Workshops, which are included in the CAT Practice Sessions course & CAT Comprehensive Program.

In the Session:

  • LRDI Section of a CAT paper will be attempted
  • with proper scanning & decision-making
  • followed by LIVE Analysis + Q&A with the audience

The session will be Broadcast LIVE on YouTube.
Join us on Sunday 7th of August @ 11 AM


Conducted LIVE last week.

In the Video, you will find a CAT expert attempting the QA section of an Actual CAT Paper LIVE, taking real-time scanning decisions.

The Analysis of the paper and the discusssions on them are also included in the video.

B School Counselling

In the video, we have discussed:

  • Overview of different top B-Schools in India
  • Different written Entrance tests for these schools

This video was also broadcast LIVE on YouTube, while the LIVE discussions were ongoing with our students

Mock Analysis

Not only how to analyze the mocks, many aspirants often forget why do we need to analyze mocks. Also, many aspirants inquire as to when is (should be) the right time to start taking the mocks and how many mocks to take.

All these questions are answered and much more in this video. We have detailed on each things properly and also divided the videos into chapters (view on YouTube to utilize the chapters) for your easy navigation.

LIVE Workshops

In this video, you can find the flow of the Workshops.
Our workshops run along with the course, because for a #CAT & OMETs aspirant, it’s important to practice for the strategy and decision making along with the topic preparation.

In Practice Sessions, we have LIVE questions discussions, along with these workshops, which will enable you to not only think in a simplified manner for each question, but also start taking the right decisions in tests.

Our First Workshop

This is a Sneak Peek into the first workshop conducted on 2021.
In the video, you can watch Mr. Soumya Chakraborty explaining what’s the need of the workshops, discussing on how to make the right decisions and more importantly, how to work on improving those decision-making over time.

Obviously, these things have to be practiced over a period to fine tune these decisions according to your requirements.
But, that’s where the LIVE tests conducted in our workshops and the LIVE analysis provided by our mentors in these workshops come in handy.

Simplifying Calculation

Simplification in process, in calculation and even in comprehension is important for competitive exams, in order to manage the time smartly.

The alongside video is one such video which should help in simplification (for the calculation side of things). It is one of multiple videos which is part of our FREE Capsule on Simplifying Calculations.

Check the video and if you like it, don’t hesitate to use these observational techniques in your practice. Check the rest of the videos in our Simplifying Calculation capsule.

LR Contracts SET | CAT 2020

A very tough LR set which appeared in CAT 2020 slot 1.
We have not only discussed the solution in the video, but the mentor has also shared insights about what to do when you come face to face with an LR set like this in #CAT.

A detailed solution is also provided for the set, with proper analysis and the easiest way to have solved the set.